A New York City-Style McDonald’s opens on the west side

The new McDonald’s is a real life McDonald’s in New York, and it’s set to open at the corner of West Broadway and West 56th Street.

The eatery will open in the first floor of the building, a converted office building at the site of an old Macy’s.

The restaurant will be the latest in a series of restaurants that have opened at the intersection, including a Taco Bell in the area and an Elixirs location at the West End.

“We are honored to have been selected as one of the world’s leading restaurants by the New York Times and recognized by the McDonald’s franchisees for our outstanding service, quality and convenience,” the restaurant’s founder and CEO Mike O’Leary said in a statement.

“We believe we can continue to serve the neighborhood with a McDonald’s to complement the existing restaurants.”

The McDonald’s location is located on the first and third floors of the West Broadway building, the same building where the original Macy’s closed in the mid-2000s.

O’Leary said the restaurant will offer an array of cuisines from New York’s signature cheeseburgers and french fries to chicken sandwiches and salads.

The McDonalds will serve lunch, dinner and brunch, and offer a wide selection of menu items, from chicken sandwiches to salads and burgers.