‘Crazy and crazy’ to see a car park in a city block and see a man in it

A man who was filmed on camera walking around a city park in Melbourne’s west has been arrested.

The footage shows the man walking in a park in an area of the city block in Melbourne suburb of Dandenong.

He then comes across a car parked in the park and he walks up and down the street.

It is unclear why he is walking around the car park.

Police say the man, identified as Stanley the office worker, is charged with public nuisance, obstructing a public thoroughfare and breach of bail.

Stanley was arrested at the police station on Monday morning.

“The matter will be dealt with in a way that is appropriate to the individual,” Detective Inspector Ian Chubb said.

Mr Chubb says police are working with other local authorities to establish whether or not the man could be charged with trespassing.

In another case, a man was filmed walking along a road in South Melbourne and the footage was posted online.

A man in a red car was filmed by the camera walking along the side of the road.

There were no further reports of any injuries.

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