Email provider Outlook 365 has started offering a pay-to-stay option for its workforce

Email provider has started a new Pay-To-Stay option for those who want to stay at their current company after they’ve left.

The company says the service will be available for new employees starting in the second quarter of next year. is the only email provider that has launched a Pay-to -Stay option.

Pay-At-Home option will only be available to employees who have worked for at least two years at the company.

The new option will be offered for new hires starting in March, but is currently only available to existing employees.

Email and Outlook 365 employees will need to log into their accounts to access the new option.

The new option can be accessed at any time by clicking on “Get Started Now” under “Contact Email.”

The option will not be available at the beginning of March. is one of the most popular email providers, but the company has been struggling with declining revenues and an inability to grow its subscriber base.

The service had a revenue of $8.6 billion in 2017, down from $10.6 million in 2016.

As of March, email subscriptions had declined by 10 percent to more than 15 million.

The company has also faced some competition from, which has been aggressively increasing its online shopping capabilities in an attempt to lure away more users.

The online retailer has recently expanded its reach to the US, and is reportedly expanding into Europe, Australia, Japan and South Korea.