How the Milton office space changed the face of the city

Milton, Ont.

– The office of the Prime Minister of Canada is located in Milton, on the banks of the Ottawa River.

The building is an icon of the Canadian capital city, with its iconic brick façade, massive stone fireplace, massive brass clock, and its signature red marble staircase.

The office of Prime Minister Justin Trudeau was originally located in Ottawa’s Parliament Buildings, and was renovated in 2018 to serve as a government building.

This building is located on the grounds of the Parliament building in the heart of the City of Ottawa, which is home to over 1.3 million people.

Its also the location of the Trudeau family’s Ottawa headquarters, with a massive glass front that houses an official portrait of the prime minister.

The building has also hosted several events and ceremonies during the Trudeau years.

The Trudeau family has also operated a number of other public institutions in the area.

This week, the Trudeau Government announced it will be moving its offices to the Milton Office Space, an area that is now home to the Canadian government’s official news department, the Office of the Governor General, the National Archives, and many other public offices.

This is a huge move, as it opens up an entire new, brand new and beautiful office space in Milton that was once home to a large newspaper office.

It was originally intended to house a newsroom and a bureau, but as time went on, the location became home to two large offices, which had to be relocated.

The Trudeau Government said it will also use the new office space to further its research and development activities.

It is the first official office in Canada to be moved from a larger location, and it will mark a significant change in the country’s relationship with its largest city.

The prime minister has been known to use the Trudeau office as a hub of government operations for decades, and this move is an opportunity to celebrate this historic moment in Canadian history.

Milton Mayor Mike Smith said the Trudeau Office Space has opened up a new and exciting chapter in Milton’s history.

“It is an exciting time for the city of Milton,” he said.

“We are moving from an office that was in the Parliament Buildings into a modern office space.

It is an incredible opportunity for us to work together and to grow our city.”

In addition to the new space, the building will also house the Prime Minster’s office, the Governor’s Office, and the office of Finance Minister Bill Morneau.

Smith said he is proud of the progress the Prime Ministers office has made, and he said it is a testament to the prime ministers commitment to public service.

“He is one of the great leaders in the world today,” he explained.

“He is someone that wants to do good things, and that’s what we’re trying to achieve.”

Milton mayor Mike Smith, who said the building is a symbol of Canada’s historic relationship with the city.

He said the new Trudeau office space is a mark of the Canada’s commitment to making Milton a great city.

Marianne McEwan, the mayor of the area, said she is pleased that the Trudeau administration has decided to relocate the office, which has been in the Parliamentary Buildings for decades.

“I am delighted that they have decided to do it, and I am also pleased to see that we have the opportunity to move it to a much bigger space in the future,” she said.

The mayor also noted the Trudeau offices will also host events and events for Canadians who have a connection to the city, such as the Canada 150 celebrations.

“The Trudeau government’s decision to relocate their offices is a great step forward, and we look forward to continuing to see their progress in the city,” she added.