How to get a better selfie and not feel guilty about it

4.20pm The new trend in selfies has seen some people using them to show off the way they are.

They can be used to show the world that they are the boss or the wife.

They also have the added bonus of giving the wearer a ‘unique’ look.

In an interview with the ABC’s FourFourtwo, photographer Sam Cavanagh said that he had developed a new technique to make the look.

“You can actually take your smartphone out of your pocket and take a selfie in a room with a wall of mirrors,” he said.

“And you can use the mirror as a mirror, and it’s so reflective, it gives it that unique look.”

He explained that the technique involves placing a smartphone or tablet into a large mirror, which then reflects the light in front of it onto the mirror in front.

The reflections are then then combined to create the effect of the phone or tablet being reflected back.

The result is an image that is almost entirely of its reflection.

“The reflection is the same in both cases,” Mr Cavanah said.

In the video above, we see the photographer make the selfie look as if it was taken in the mirror of a room full of mirrors.

“This is actually something that I had actually been doing with my smartphone,” he added.

“I had been making it up on the spot, with no photoshop at all, and the results were really good.”

I love the look of the mirror, especially the way the reflections are combined and combined, so it looks like I’m actually sitting on a throne.

“Mr Cavanagh also shared a video that showed a man wearing a suit and tie using the selfie to show how he is “not looking like a complete moron”.

The man has a beard, a mustache, and glasses.

“It’s a really good selfie technique, but people don’t realise that. “

There’s a lot of people who look like this,” he says.

“It’s a really good selfie technique, but people don’t realise that.

I’ve been doing this for a long time.”

You can see more of Mr Cave’s work on Instagram.

Source ABC News (ABC News)