How to get out of the office ladies

If you have to be a lady for work, the best way to do it is by wearing pants.

According to a new survey, ladies are more productive than ever, and the best place to do that is in their pants.

According to a survey conducted by the consulting firm PwC, women are now more productive in every way they do business than they were four years ago.

While the survey found that more women than ever work from home, it found that women are also spending more time on social media and more time in front of a computer.

The study, titled “Women, Work and the Rise of Women in the Office,” found that while women have made gains in productivity, their work is still dominated by men.

And while women are making a major effort to be more professional, they still lag behind men in terms of what they are actually producing.

The PwCs survey found more than 6,000 women working from home in 2013.

That number grew to nearly 20,000 by the end of 2016.

It’s not just men who are working from a home.

The survey found women who were working at home also had lower levels of social networking and lower levels on Facebook.

But women in the survey were more likely to be on a professional networking site than men.

And while the survey did find that more men are working in the office than ever before, the gap in productivity hasn’t disappeared.

A recent survey of women found that they are still performing worse than their male counterparts, and that they still make less money than their female counterparts.

The survey found there are a few things that could be doing a lot to make women feel better about their workplace and their ability to be productive.

First, the study said that women often use more social media, and women are more likely than men to be connected on social networking sites.

There is also a growing recognition that women who are on social networks are also more likely for their work to be seen as being “professional” by colleagues and employers.

Women can also improve their communication skills, according to the survey.

Women who use their social networks to share their stories and work are more effective at conveying ideas and insights, the survey said.

And the Pwcs study found that both men and women who use the internet have an improved understanding of what is important and what is not.