How to handle the holiday shopping rush

Walmart stock surged more than 14 percent Monday, after the company announced it will close stores on Thanksgiving Day.

The stock climbed more than 17 percent to $37.84 after news broke that the company plans to shut all of its stores.

Walmart’s stock was down about 2 percent at $37,958 after the news broke.

The company also said it plans to discontinue sales of the Star Wars movie tie-in merchandise starting Thanksgiving.

The news comes after a recent spike in traffic to Walmart stores in the months before Christmas, with shoppers rushing to buy Star Wars merchandise as they look for deals.

“The new Star Wars Star Wars Holiday Special will be available at select retailers in the coming weeks,” Walmart said in a statement.

“We’re also excited to announce the arrival of the official Star Wars line of apparel and accessories, including T-shirts and hoodies.”

Walmart is facing increased pressure from the White House and other critics after it agreed to pay $7.5 billion to settle claims that it failed to ensure workers at its two biggest stores in Texas and Louisiana were paid minimum wage and overtime.

Wal-Mart also faces accusations of racism in the U.S. and in other countries.