How to make your office a great place to work

With the NFL season in full swing and a lockout looming, the office is already getting a new look.

But for most office workers, the changes aren’t just a matter of having a new desk and more desks.

The new office design is part of the new “Office of Change,” an initiative from the NFL and Office Depot to improve the office experience by taking a look at the office in a different light.

The goal is to “reinvent the office” to make it more “inclusive, dynamic, and responsive,” according to the NFL.

The NFL is partnering with Office Depot on the initiative, which includes the NFL, Office Depot, and the Office of Change, and it’s the first step toward getting a “new office for every NFL player.”

“We want our players to feel comfortable and welcomed in the office,” NFL CEO Troy Vincent said in a statement.

“The new design, which we call the ‘Office of change,’ will be the focal point of the NFL’s Office of Performance.”

Here’s a look behind the scenes of the Office Of Change project:The Office of change, a collaboration between the NFL Players Association, Office of Football Operations, and Office of Sports Technology, aims to “create a new work environment that is inclusive, dynamic and responsive for every player.”

The office will look a lot like the old one, with a new white desk, white wall-mounted monitor, and a different color of carpet.

It will also be made of recycled materials, with an option to “refine the look with the help of a color change” to match the NFL uniforms.

It’s all part of an effort by the NFL to create a more inclusive and dynamic office environment.

The NFLPA has been using a lot of new office space, including a new conference room and a new locker room, since the lockout.

The league also launched the Office for Change program to “help our players feel more at home in the new office environment,” according a statement from the union.

The Office OfChange will be a new “work space” for the NFL players and the union, and is also part of a broader effort to “make the NFL a better workplace for our players.”