Israel releases ‘secret’ video of Palestinian youth who ‘kidnapped’ and tortured Israelis

The Israeli Defense Forces has released a video of a Palestinian youth kidnapping and torturing an Israeli soldier.

The video, titled “Boys and girls”, was taken on January 12, 2018, during the day-long demonstrations by Palestinians against Israel’s Operation Protective Edge.

It was released Monday, a day after the 15-year-old Palestinian boy was arrested in Hebron.

The boy was taken into custody after he attacked Israeli soldier Sgt. Nadav Ben-Nahar during the operation.

He has since been released and his parents, Ahmed and Na’im, have filed a complaint with the Israeli Civil Administration, accusing the army of failing to protect their son.

The IDF says the video was taken as part of its “Operation Protective Edge” operation.

The footage, which was taken by an IDF video camera, shows three youths running after Ben-Nsahar, while another, who is armed with a knife, knocks him down.

A Palestinian, named Saad al-Sawy, who was also in the area, told The Jerusalem Report that the video shows a Palestinian child holding a knife and kicking the soldier in the head.

Saad said the boy, who does not know the boy who was caught, is now in the hands of the army.

Saada said the army should release the video and give details about the operation to his family.

Saader al-Saad told The Report that his father, who lives in the occupied West Bank, wants the soldiers who kidnapped him to be punished.

He said he has no idea why he was abducted and tortured by the Palestinian youths.

“My father was kidnapped by the soldiers.

They took him from my home to their checkpoint.

They tortured him,” he said.

“They threw him to the ground and shot him.

My father did not resist, he did not even try to resist.

The soldiers are murderers.”

The IDF said it released the video because it is in the interest of all Israeli soldiers to release information that may lead to an effective defense against terror attacks.

A spokesperson for the IDF said the video is part of the operation “Operation Safe Haven”, which began on July 29, 2018.

The spokesperson said the IDF did not know whether the video showed the exact location of the incident, nor how long it took to capture the boys.

The incident is being investigated by the military police, as well as the Civil Administration and the army’s public security command.

The spokesperson added that the operation was ongoing.

The videos have sparked protests across the occupied territories.

Palestinian demonstrators on January 18 threw stones at soldiers during a demonstration in Hebra, near the West Bank city of Ramallah.

Two Israeli soldiers were lightly wounded.

The demonstrations in Hebral and Ramallah are ongoing.