Microsoft: It will hire 3,000 employees at its new headquarters in Seattle

Microsoft’s new Seattle office will have a capacity of 3,100 employees, and the company is aiming to fill the space with a mix of full- and part-time employees.

The Seattle office, which is slated to open this fall, is the latest Microsoft office to make its presence known, after it moved to its current location in Redmond in 2012.

Microsoft announced last week that it would expand its Seattle office into the second floor of a proposed Seattle-based office tower, the first such expansion in the world.

The new office will be the company’s largest and most heavily-used space, according to a Microsoft press release.

Microsoft’s headquarters in Redmond, Washington.

Photo: Microsoft The company is already a big fan of Seattle, and this will be its first big-city expansion in a while.

It’s the first time that the company has moved its Seattle headquarters outside the United States since the mid-2000s, when Microsoft moved to Redmond, the home of Microsoft’s parent company, Microsoft Corp. Microsoft also plans to add another 700 new jobs in Seattle, where the company employs about 100,000 people.

The company has said it will hire more than 3,500 people at the new headquarters, which it is calling the Office Depot Center in honor of its founder, Paul E. O’Reilly.

Microsoft is also adding an additional 500 employees to its Seattle team in a related effort to bolster its online workforce.

The announcement comes just a few months after Microsoft launched a program that will allow employees to apply for up to two jobs at the same time in order to get more work.

Microsoft will also pay more for part- and full-time positions, and will also make its Seattle-area office open to new employees, a Microsoft spokesperson told Fortune.

The move to Seattle will create a new “digital office experience,” the spokesperson said.

Microsoft said the new building will “provide an ideal workplace environment that offers flexibility, security and open access to Microsoft’s world-class research, development, and manufacturing facilities, all in a modern and attractive building that will be accessible to students, faculty and the public.”

The company says that the new office is “designed to support a growing group of employees who work across multiple teams, from the top down.”