Microsoft Office Students Get a $15 Bonus for Using Microsoft Office Suite

By Amy J. Davis, Bloomberg Staff Microsoft Office students and their families get an extra $15 on average for using Microsoft Office, an online document management tool that includes a free Microsoft Word and a free PowerPoint.

The bonus is worth $1 per $100 in Microsoft Office usage, according to an analysis of data from the Office 2016 program, which began in November.

The Office 2016 bonus is a reflection of Microsoft’s $1.7 billion in total sales from the program.

Office 2016 is a free, Windows-based productivity suite that includes Office for Mac, PowerPoint, and OneNote.

Microsoft has also increased its offer for Office 365 subscribers.

This year, customers can buy Office 365 Pro ($39.99 per year), which includes a $40 credit toward Office 365 subscriptions and a $300 discount off a subscription to Office 365 Business Plus.

Microsoft’s Office 365 is not the only suite Microsoft offers.

The company also offers a free version of Outlook, which includes Office apps, and Office 365 Online, which offers online versions of Office and Office Suite.

Office for iPhone and iPad Microsoft is offering an Office app for iPhone, iPad, Android and Blackberry phones.

The iPhone version is free and offers unlimited access to Office apps.

The iPad version is $5 per month.

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Microsoft is also offering a $1 credit toward a subscription of Office 365 Enterprise.

This will enable customers to access Office 365 products for a one-time fee.

Office 365 Professional Office is free to employees of Microsoft and Microsoft partners.

Microsoft also offers Office 365 for Business for businesses, but not for non-business users.

For a full description of Office for Business, see the Office 365 website.

Microsoft Office 2016 offers a one year subscription.

Microsoft announced Office 2016 on Tuesday at a conference for software developers.

The announcement was made in an earnings call.

Microsoft says the Office app is a “premium” feature and not a subscription.