Office supplies store closes after security breach

Office supplies is set to close on Monday after a security breach left a customer in tears.

Key points:Customer, aged 45, was working on a business trip to the United Arab EmiratesThe employee had no history of mental health problemsThe company said it is not yet sure what happenedThe company was forced to shut down shop after the employee had “no history of health issues”The store, located in the CBD, was open for business at 11:00am and employees were being encouraged to check on customers and staff on social media.

The incident was discovered when a customer rang a number for the store to report the incident.

“It’s very unfortunate, we are really upset and we are working with the store management to ensure we can get the business back up and running and make sure we get the customers who came in and got their items back,” manager Ian Brough said.

“I know the staff are upset, I’m sure they are, we have a lot of staff that work in the store.”

We are trying to get the staff together and get them to get back in the shop and I am sure they will get back into the shop tomorrow.

“The customer had contacted the company on social networking site Facebook, asking if he could buy some office supplies for his business trip.

The employee was working in the office of a business partner when the incident occurred.”

The manager of the office supply store was not at work and the person in question was not aware of any staff being out and about in the building at the time,” a statement from the company read.”

They were not aware the business partner had an office supply shop and therefore the person working on the business trip had no prior history of a mental health issue.”‘

It’s a very sad day’The employee said he did not know the company that owned the business, and his partner was unaware of any concerns about mental health issues.”

As soon as I got the call I immediately got to the office store, rang the manager and said ‘I’m a customer and I want my office supplies’,” he said.”[The manager] told me ‘it’s a really sad day’.

“I thought it was going to be a normal call and it wasn’t.”

The employee described his experience in an emotional interview with News24.

“She [the manager] came in, gave me the business card and said, ‘thank you for coming in’.”

She didn’t even say, ‘what are you doing?’ she just said, “I’m really sorry you’re upset’.”

The customer said he was worried about what he had purchased, but felt that the manager was being supportive.

“A few weeks later I get a call from [the customer] and she’s so kind,” he said, speaking on condition he was not named.

“Her response was she said ‘thank the heavens I love your store so much’.”

And I think she’s really great.

It’s a wonderful store, really.

“The store has since reopened and staff are being encouraged in the community to check in with customers on social network.

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