Ottawa-Carleton University graduate seeks $2.2 million in compensation after ‘unfair’ dismissal

Ottawa-Ottawa (CP) – The owner of an Ottawa-area printing company has been dismissed after the university fired her for allegedly retaliating against a complaint.

In a letter to the university, Patricia Lappin said she was terminated in July 2015 because of her alleged conduct against an employee and retaliation against other employees who had spoken out against her.

She alleged her dismissal was based on her alleged retaliation against an anonymous letter she received from a former employee.

Lappins letter said she wrote the letter to explain why she decided to leave the university after two years.

Lappin’s lawyer, Andrew Smith, said in a written statement Tuesday that Lappen’s letter was a “very clear” warning to the owner and that it was made on her behalf.

The university declined to comment on Lappens letter.

The owner of Ottawa-based printing company, Printing Services, is facing charges of sexual harassment and harassment.

Lattin said in her letter that she had written a complaint to the province about the allegations against her in 2015.

The allegations include accusations that Lattins alleged retaliation for a letter she wrote to the Queen’s University administration in 2015, which included accusations that she received a threatening phone call.

Lattin also alleged that another former employee made false allegations against Lattas family and business.

She also alleged the university failed to follow its policy of protecting all students from harassment.

She said she felt like the university was doing a favour to a woman and that she was being fired because she had spoken publicly about her experiences with the university and that there were concerns she had been discriminated against.