Post Office Box Opens in Washington Post office

WASHINGTON — The United States Post Office has opened its first in a series of new offices in Washington, D.C.

The new office building in Northeast Washington is expected to have the capacity to house 1,200 workers.

The post office box, built by the National Archives and Records Administration, is located in the northwest corner of the building, near the corner of Pennsylvania Avenue and 15th Street NW.

“The Postal Service will soon open its first National Archives National Historical Park Office in Washington,” the agency said in a statement.

“The Postal Inspection Service, which also opened a new building in the nation’s capital last week, will be joined by our local partners soon.”

The Postal Inspections office will have the capability to inspect postal items, track and manage mail delivery and provide advice on delivery of mail.

In a letter to employees, the Post Office said that its goal is to increase service to and from our customers by providing them with faster, more efficient, and more effective services, including:”The building will be the nation�s first National Historic Post Office and will be able to house one million postal employees.

The Post Office will provide a new experience for employees who come to work daily, and help improve the postal service through enhanced access to the records and information available through the new building.

The Post Office plans to begin construction in the fall, with completion expected in late 2021.”