Post Office Courier service opens to new riders

Post Office delivery service in Washington, D.C., will be extended to cover the suburbs of Philadelphia and Pittsburgh.

The service, launched in the early 1900s, is now a part of the USPS Postal Service, a division of the U.S. Postal Service.

A new route will be opened in each of the metropolitan areas where delivery will be made.

The post office will continue to deliver mail to residential areas but will not be allowed to deliver packages to other areas.

The move is the latest in a series of expansions of the postal service as the U and U.K. join the USPS in expanding their respective operations.

Postal workers in New York, Chicago and Los Angeles are expected to make the switch in the coming weeks.

The new service, which will replace the traditional delivery route, is being introduced at a time when the USPS is trying to boost revenue from the increasingly popular e-commerce market, according to Post Office spokesman Mark Miller.

“The Postal Service continues to make strides in its delivery business, and we’re excited to expand to a new area,” Miller said.

The Postal Service began expanding delivery in the suburbs in 2016 after years of declines in the urban and suburban areas.

Since then, the agency has expanded delivery services to all 20 states.

The expanded service will include more than 70 routes.

The Post Office currently offers two routes, which carry mail to residences and businesses.

One route will begin operating in Philadelphia on Thursday, which runs to Pittsburgh and will be followed by the Philadelphia-Pittsburgh Post Office Express.

The other route, the “Pepsi Express” route, will begin in Pittsburgh on Tuesday, runs to New York City and will eventually lead to New Jersey.

Post Office CEO David Parnell said the expansion of the delivery service is important to help deliver on the Postal Service’s goal of being “the nation’s leading mail delivery provider.”

“Our goal is to make sure we are delivering more mail, and to make it more accessible and convenient to our members,” Parnella said.

In addition to the delivery routes, the Post Office will add more than 500 delivery options to the service.

The expansion is the first expansion in a decade, as the Postal Accountability and Enhancement Act of 1995 expanded the USPS’ reach to new areas.

Parnelli said the new service will also be expanded in other ways.

The USPS is offering free delivery for new customers to some areas that are not covered by its traditional routes, such as rural areas.

“We’re offering free service to some neighborhoods in the New York metropolitan area that are out of reach of delivery to rural areas,” Pronella said, referring to areas such as New York’s Catskills and Long Island Sound.

“This will be in partnership with the local community.

It’s not just for the benefit of one company, but also for the people who live there.”

Parnello said the USPS has already begun work on the expansion to other parts of the country.

“These new routes are part of a much broader effort to bring the postal community closer together, and hopefully, we can create even greater connectivity between people across the country,” he said.