Russia’s Admiral Vladimir Komarov: Russia ‘not interested’ in NATO’s expansion

Russia’s admiral said Russia “does not see” NATO’s decision to expand its footprint in the eastern Baltic Sea, adding it was “not an appropriate expansion.”

In an interview with Russian news agency Interfax published on Sunday, Admiral Komarov said Moscow had no interest in NATO expanding its military presence in the Baltic Sea.

“We do not see NATO expansion, which would create an imbalance in our relations with Russia, he said.”

I believe we are on the right path in our policy towards NATO expansion and have no interest,” Komarov added.

The Russian defense ministry did not immediately respond to a request for comment.NATO says it is ready to meet with Russia’s president, Vladimir Putin, in order to discuss the expansion of its presence in eastern Europe, but Moscow has repeatedly denied the idea.

Komarov, who is the chief of the Russian Black Sea Fleet, has been accused by the United States and the European Union of “aggressive behavior” and has faced criticism from NATO and other countries.NATOM has also launched a military operation in the Black Sea, where it has been testing long-range missiles in preparation for the deployment of the Aegis anti-ship missile system.