Student arrested for ‘driving while intoxicated’

A student was arrested on Wednesday after allegedly driving while intoxicated on campus in the US state of Colorado, officials said.

A video posted to social media showed an unidentified woman driving a silver or gold car, with her hands on the wheel.

The woman is seen driving past a police officer and two security guards at the Colorado State University campus in Fort Collins, a department spokeswoman said.

The man was also seen in the video.

Police said the woman is being charged with two counts of impaired driving.

A third person was also arrested on suspicion of DUI.

An online petition calling for the student’s immediate release garnered more than 5,000 signatures, according to the university’s student newspaper.

The petition said she is being treated for a “significant amount of alcohol intoxication”.

The arrest came as a result of an investigation into a separate incident at the University of Colorado at Boulder, the university said in a statement.

“The University of Denver Police Department is aware of an incident involving a male student on campus on Wednesday night, which is under investigation by the university,” the statement said.

We take all reports of sexual assault very seriously and will take any appropriate action.” “

Our campus community is our greatest asset and we take these matters very seriously.

We take all reports of sexual assault very seriously and will take any appropriate action.”

CUBS students: ‘I think I am going to die’ after officer’s ‘assault’ In November, police at the university arrested a man in connection with a campus assault, according a report in the local Fox affiliate.

The 19-year-old student told police that he and his friend were sitting in the back seat of a car when a “drunk male officer pushed them both against a fence” and sexually assaulted them.

A statement from the university at the time said that CUBS officers responded to reports of a man who appeared to be “acting strangely” and that “the male student said he felt physically assaulted and was told that he was ‘going to die’.” He told police he had been drinking and that he had consumed “some kind of liquor” and was trying to call for help.

In the statement, the officer was quoted as saying that he “had a hard time talking to him because he was intoxicated and was not wearing his seatbelt”.

“He then asked the male student to stand up and show him his hands.

The male student complied and the officer grabbed the male’s hands, then placed his hands on his chest and waist area and began to put them in his pocket,” the officer said in the statement.

The police officer then asked for the male male student’s identification and the male “immediately told the officer that he did not have it.”

“After this incident occurred, the male Student stated that he felt violated and had ‘no idea what was going on’,” the officer’s statement said, adding that the officer then “immediate advised the male that he should contact the police”.

He added: “I believe the male was intoxicated as a matter of course.

He stated he felt disrespected by the male Officer.

He felt humiliated and embarrassed by the incident and that the male should not have been assaulted.”

“The male student was asked if he had a gun,” the university statement said “The Male Student stated he did and stated that the gun was in his hand.”

The statement continued: “The female student stated that she had no gun and did not know the male suspect had one.

The Male Student was also asked if the male had been using any drugs prior to this altercation and if he was under the influence of any substance.

The female student was also told by the Male Student that the Male Officer had pulled the male Male Student’s shirt over his head and that there was blood all over the male Police Officer’s shirt.”

The woman was charged with assaulting the officer, two counts each of second-degree assault, sexual assault, and reckless endangerment, the statement added.

She was released on bail.