The office of the new boss is ready to shake things up

The office will be bigger and it will be a lot more welcoming.

Jan the office will have a bigger team of people and more space, with staff to hire and a staff of 10 people instead of the usual eight.

Jan will also be allowed to choose her own team and will be able to hire staff from outside of her office, but only for “essential” duties, such as “staffing and the occasional staff member.”

And, of course, she will no longer be able make hires based on race, gender or religion. 

“I think we can all agree that diversity is the number one priority,” Jan said in a statement.

“I’m very confident that this will help me be an inclusive, safe, and welcoming workplace for everyone.”

The new hiring policy will take effect in December. 

Jan’s announcement follows recent firings of several top executives in the U.S. for alleged racism, including former CEO John Flanagan.

Jan said she wants to ensure that her office is open to people of all backgrounds and genders.

“We’re going to work very hard to create a place where everyone can feel comfortable,” Jan told Engadgadget. 

A spokesman for the U,S.

Labor Department told Engdget that while it was not in the job title of the U’s new chief executive, she had been a part of the hiring process and had been appointed to the role of interim CEO. 

The Labor Department said that Jan would be in charge of the office through the end of the year. 

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