What to know about correctional officer who filed fraud charges

Posted October 12, 2018 09:14:48An inmate in California’s maximum security prison filed a complaint with the Department of Corrections on Wednesday alleging that the corrections department falsified data on its Correction Office 365 service to help it keep tabs on inmate complaints.

The inmate, Nate the office max, claimed that he and other inmates in California Central, a maximum-security prison, were wrongly told by the corrections office that their complaints would be handled by the Office Max printing facility.

The corrections department denied that the office had any such facility, the inmate said in the complaint.

The corrections department has been under scrutiny in recent months over allegations that it was misleading the public about the quality of its corrections facilities.

Last month, corrections chief David Hayes told Congress that his office was working on a new contract that would provide additional incentives for corrections departments to hire more corrections officers.