What’s in McDonald’s new corporate social responsibility initiative?

The company has put a major focus on social responsibility.

The company announced Monday that it will begin using social media to educate employees on what’s expected of them in the company and its corporate culture. 

McDonald’s is a fast-food franchise, which means it’s a subsidiary of fast-casual chain Wendy’s.

In a post on its blog, McDonald’s said it has started using the social media platform Twitter to engage with employees, as well as sharing new social content on the company’s Facebook page. 

This new effort is a response to a request from a number of employees who asked for more social awareness and education, McDonald said. 

“We’re committed to supporting our employees and the communities they live in,” McDonald’s posted on its Facebook page, noting that it’s in the process of developing a new social awareness video for employees. 

The company has also launched a new employee engagement platform, which it hopes to begin rolling out in the coming weeks.