Which Microsoft Office Suite is worth buying?

The Office Suite, the suite of Microsoft Office products that runs on Windows and Office, has had a tough year.

The company has struggled to find new buyers for the suite, which has fallen off of the top of the most popular desktops.

Microsoft is trying to figure out how to bring the suite back, and the latest moves seem to be a sign that they’re looking for a new buyer.

While Microsoft said that it is actively searching for a buyer for the Office suite, the company also said it has not found any suitable buyer yet.

According to Recode, Microsoft’s search for a fresh buyer for Office Suite will likely be done in two phases.

The first phase will likely begin next week.

In the second phase, Microsoft is said to be looking for potential buyers for its Office 365 subscription.

Microsoft has been working on a new suite that it hopes will bring some of the benefits of Office 365 to people who use Office on their own.

The new suite is said be built on the Microsoft Edge browser and is aimed at businesses who are building their own web-based apps or using Office 365.

Microsoft said that if Microsoft is able to find a buyer it would use the money it would have spent on Office to help those businesses.